Why Support Denominational Missions?

Photo of a globe“If your church belongs to a progressive, dynamic denomination being used by God, the reasons are numerous for developing strong ties with your denominational missions agency. I’d sum it up with the word ‘consistency.’ Denominational missionaries are an extension of, and accountable to, their church back home. Denominational missions strive for doctrinal, philosophical, and attitudinal consistency with the churches that we plant abroad. What denominations are here, they seek to plant contextually elsewhere.”

Bruce Camp, district missions consultant for Evangelical Free churches in Southern California and national director of EFCA local church missions consultations services

We can do together what we could not do individually

  • Outreach on five of the seven continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America
  • High degree of training and careful selection of candidates
  • Good value for your mission dollar
  • Experience (a good teacher!)
  • Networking with the International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches
  • Credibility and trust with many existing relief agencies

Good stewardship

  • Delegates from all the Covenant churches vote to approve the budget at the Covenant Annual meeting. The delegates also vote to elect the Executive Director and the Board of World Mission members.


  • Well organized, good reporting on activities and finances, including an annual outside audit
  • Continuity
  • A reliable network of evangelical and Christian organization worldwide with whom we work.

Cost effective

  • Established support base, lower fund raising costs
  • The missionary to spend more time in missionary work, less in fund raising

Missionary care

  • Pre-field and on-field orientation
  • Excellent schooling for children; health, life and disability insurance; pension; social Security
  • Language studies and cultural orientation
  • Reentry preparation through Missionary Workshop
  • Continuing education
  • Furnished housing and transportation during field assignment (housing allowance during home assignment)
  • Regular home assignments for rest, continuing education and communicating with our churches
  • Attendance at Midwinter Conference and Annual Meeting

Field visits

  • The mission is small enough to provide careful supervision


  • A denomination provides a structure and continuity with which to carry out Acts 1:8 strategy
  • Covenant-trained people work well together because of common experience


  • We need your help to reach the world for Christ
  • Covenant churches and Covenant people are strategic in supporting missionaries for that task
  • Without you, it cannot be accomplished. Generally, Covenant missionaries can only seek support in Covenant churches

For more information, please contact:

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