Who We Are

Our congregation is a member of The Evangelical Covenant Church, which has its roots in historical Christianity as it emerged in the Protestant Reformation, in the biblical instruction of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, and in the great spiritual awakenings of the nineteenth century.

As a church fellowship, we believe in the tenets of evangelical Christianity. Among these are: belief in the authority of the Bible; the necessity of spiritual life through a personal relationship of faith with Jesus Christ; the significance of the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian; the unity of all true Christians; and the obligation of the world-wide missionary task.

As a church we affirm the reality of freedom in Christ, which allows for differences of opinion in matters of interpretation, doctrine, and practice within the context of biblical guidelines and historical Christianity.

Let all who enter this House of God be assured of a welcome in Christ’s name.

If you are seeking salvation, this is an invitation to accept Christ as your Savior.

If you would worship Him, you are invited to bow your head and heart with us.

If you would serve Him, will you not join us in our present tasks?

The sad and lonely, the troubled and discouraged, the joyful and lighthearted are all invited to mingle here and together praise our Savior’s name.

Ministry Partners