Veritas logoVERITAS is a word many of us at Edgebrook have heard over the past year or so, but maybe we’re not sure what it is, or what it has to do with us.  Here’s a little background, so everyone will have a better understanding of Veritas.

Quoting from the Veritas workbook, the words of Dr. John Wenrich and the Veritas Teaching Team:  “Veritas means ‘truth’ in Latin.  Jesus said, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ (John 8:32)….Veritas helps churches to confront their current reality with faith, honesty and hope.”

Edgebrook Covenant Church is using Veritas as a tool, to assess who and what we are, what needs to be affirmed, what needs to be changed, and how we can be open to God’s leading now and in the future.  We are led by the Veritas Implementation Team (VIT), a group of seven members of our church who have volunteered to meet regularly in the cause of Veritas.  We are led by Jason Mach (VIT  leader) and his wife Alaina (prayer team leader).  The Machs, together with the VIT and a five-member prayer team, are committed to doing this work and seeking God’s will in everything we do.


All are invited to join us for Sunday worship, either in person or online! Please note that we have suspended our COVID-19 protocols, including mask requirements, for all visitors at Sunday worship services, at other gatherings, and during our regular office hours (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 10am-3pm). Visitors can click here for more details.


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