So What’s Happening Around the Table?

In a few short hours, we will host our third free weekly community dinner – what we are calling simply “the Table.”

Here are my preliminary observations:

  • Man, do people love tacos! No leftovers either time!
  • Average attendance for both Wednesdays: 45 – 50.
  • The value of a personal invitation: last Wednesday we had our first non-Edgebrook Covenant guests at the Table. They all came by way of personal invitation of someone from our church.
  • An unanticipated benefit of the Table: the ability for people from our church who work on Sundays to connect with their church family at this midweek meal.
  • Great enthusiasm and teamwork among our host “3MT” (Midweek Meal Ministry Team)
  • Lots of energy and lively conversations around the tables during the meal.

We are very early in this fall experiment, but so far the results are encouraging. Can “the Table” be sustained and its goals achieved? We’ll see…. members of the 3MT and other church leaders will be assessing just that as we move through this fall season.

But in the meantime, I encourage everyone to pray for this fall fellowship & outreach opportunity. And if you haven’t been to “the Table” yet, come check it out any Wednesday evening  between 6 – 7:15 pm. Free tacos! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!?

Pastor Greg


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