Shared Anniversaries, Shared Ministries

As we all know, Fall 2016 marks the 75th Anniversary of our church.  Fall 2016 also marks another memorable anniversary:  the 125th Anniversary of North Park University / North Park Theological Seminary!

The weekend we have set aside to celebrate our 75th is Friday, September 30 thru Sunday, October 2nd.  The weekend for North Park University’s 125th celebration is this weekend, September 23 thru September 25!

75 years and 125 years are significant anniversaries for reflecting on God’s faithfulness, God’s provision, God’s leading and to look to God’s future for both our church and our University.  It’s also a time to praise God for the partnership in ministry we share.  Both our church and our University and Theological Seminary are blessed by geographic proximity to one another and support of one another.  Thru the years, the “cross pollination” of Edgebrook Covenant Church and North Park University & Theological Seminary has resulted in much fruit for the Kingdom of God.   And for this we give praise to Christ!

Our denomination’s president, Gary Walter, is fond of describing the mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church with the simple phrase, “We are better together.”  That’s been the defining philosophy of how we do mission from the very beginning of our denomination:  we can accomplish more for God’s kingdom when we partner and do mission together as a united group of local Covenant Churches.  That has certainly been the case when it comes to our one institution of higher learning:  North Park University and Theological Seminary.  And our university and seminary have, in turn, enriched Edgebrook Covenant Church and all our Covenant Churches around the world, making us better disciple makers and kingdom builders.

Now, that’s cause for celebration!

Gratefully & joyfully,

Pastor Greg

Ministry Partners