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Statement on Truth, Violence, and Healing

by Pastor Greg Mesimore Note: This statement was originally read during the Sunday, January 17 worship service at Edgebrook Covenant Church. Today, across our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, it is Love Mercy, Do Justice Sunday. Tomorrow is the day our nation remembers and honors the life and ministry of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have thought a lot about Love Mercy, Do Justice Sunday and Martin Luther King Jr. Day this past week, especially in light of the insurrection and riot that took place at our nation’s Capitol on Epiphany (January 6) and the impending inauguration of ...
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Advent in the Time of Corona

by Pastor Megan Herrold Sinchi It's almost Advent! I imagine that many of you, especially if there are children in your household, are more likely to find yourself saying, "It's almost Christmas!" But for many years now, Advent, not Christmas, has been one of my favorite seasons of the church year. I'm actually not a huge fan of Christmas, and I think part of the reason may be because Christmas so often overshadows the Advent weeks in which I would like to more deeply dwell. Even as a child in church, I remember enjoying the Advent season because the altar ...
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Pastoral Reflections on the Upcoming Election

We (Pastor Greg and Pastor Megan) have been listening to the concerns of many regarding this week’s election, particularly for the office of President of the United States.  People supporting either candidate have expressed fear if the candidate they don’t support wins.  In some cases it is a fear for themselves, in others it is fear for other people, our neighbors known and unknown who bear the image of God.  There is anxiety about a contested election and what that might mean for the immediate and long-term future of our country and our democracy.  There is angst that the losing ...
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Not (Technically) an Anti-Racism Book List

by Pastor Megan Herrold Sinchi Throughout the summer, every now and then I’ve come across a new anti-racism reading list as people (especially white Americans) are looking to learn and understand more about racism in our country. I’ve actually read quite a few books on these lists and I think they’re great! Really helpful info. Some of them tell forgotten tales from U.S. history. Some seem designed to inspire greater self-awareness in the reader, an area in which I personally always strive to grow.  However, in my own racial justice journey, these types of books are not the only ones ...
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Exposed by the Corona Virus?

In many ways, this pandemic has brought out the best in us.  These include our everyday heroes, daily risking their own safety and health to care for those infected by COVID-19.  Some of these have made the ultimate sacrifice, dying from that very virus as they sought to save others afflicted with it.  Other essential workers have carried on in their jobs, taking precautions but accepting the risk to which their daily work exposes them.  Teachers have worked tirelessly at helping their students with e-learning, neighbors have been intentional about making sure those on their street have what they need ...
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The Tenacity of the… Magnolia Tree?

One of the sure signs of spring (and one of my favorite sights) is the blossoming of magnolia trees.   There are some stunningly beautiful examples of pink flowering magnolia trees near the parsonage where I live.  Our immediate neighbors to the north have one in their back yard.  Two neighbors one block east of the parsonage each have their own magnificent example of these trees in their yards.  They soar above street level and are a delight to my eyes out of the parsonage’s east windows. Now, I’m no Wayne Schmipff (Edgebrook Covenant’s arborist extraordinaire!), but my observation thru the ...
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The COVID-19 Pandemic:  A Call to “Mindful Godliness

A couple of times while I was on my medical leave I shared some thoughts via our all-church email blasts related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This week, as I have been undergoing cyber-knife radiation treatments (5 daily 1 hr treatments, Monday thru Friday of this week), I have had to scale back my activity as I have experienced the common side effects of both headaches and fatigue following each treatment.  However, since I’m feeling a bit better today, I wanted to briefly share another word of encouragement as we live through the next few weeks of sheltering in place. This ...
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Prayers of Intercession while we Shelter at Home

One “silver lining” of sheltering at home is that it affords us more opportunities to pray.  It’s important that we pray for all those on the front lines of care as our world battles this pandemic.  Specifically, I want to urge you to pray regularly for those from our church family who are on the front lines of care working in hospitals or among the vulnerable in retirement communities:  Edgebrook Covenanters who work as nurses in hospitals include:  Andrea, Laurie, Suzy, Val and Donna.  Edgebrook Covenanters who work as hospital chaplains include Ida and Cheryl.  Greta is serving as a ...
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My medical leave, COVID-19 and a lesson from American History

i have thought about this medical leave I am on as a sort of “forced sabbatical”.  One of the normal effects of yet another brain surgery is that my physical resources are low.  I can read, but I tire easily.  I can chat on the phone but extended interactions with others leave me drained much more quickly.  It is all part of the normal recovery cycle of a significant surgery. So, I pace myself.  When I don’t sleep well at night, I take naps the next day.  I do a few things, but then I need to stop.  I do ...
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The Place to Begin – At the End

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent. Lent is that season in the church year that emphasizes repentance and contrition for our sins. It is also a season of self denial, fasting or taking on a new devotional practice or discipline as a way to encourage a deeper communion with Christ. Such practices remind us of the depth of Jesus’ self denial and Christ’s love for God and us. Such love is what compelled Jesus to give his life as “ransom for our sins” (Hebrews 9:15). Ash Wednesday gets its name from the tradition of putting ...
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