Partners in Great Work!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to lead our spring Newcomers/Inquirers’ Class. It is always a joy of mine to explore faith in Jesus Christ with others and to share about our particular expression of the Christian tradition, both our denomination (The Evangelical Covenant Church) and our specific church, Edgebrook Evangelical Covenant Church.

I always get excited when I think about our shared ministry with other Evangelical Covenant Churches. Though small in North America (some 800 congregations) our impact for the Kingdom of God is tremendous! We partner with our Covenant brothers and sisters through prayer, participation and financial giving.

Our denomination’s leadership (President Gary Walter and others) recognizes and gratefully appreciates our partnership in this great Gospel work. In 2017, around 10% of our annual operating budget goes to support Covenant mission and ministry, either locally, through the Central Conference or through our national denomination’s work. By joining in partnership in this great Gospel work, we can do more, for more people, to God’s great glory. What a privilege!

Joyfully, Pastor Greg

Ministry Partners