My Sermon this Sunday

For several weeks now I have been thinking and praying about my sermon this Sunday (January 15th). I believe the Holy Spirit wants me to preach on how we can be a faithful community of followers of Jesus Christ in the midst of our currently polarized political climate.

The texts that kept coming to my mind as I prayed about this Sunday’s sermon were Matthew 5:43-48 (Jesus’ command to love our enemies) and John 13:34-35 (Jesus’ command to his disciples to love one another). These texts will form the basis of this Sunday’s sermon.

A big help in my sermon preparation came by way of the most recent edition of our denomination’s magazine, The Covenant Companion. President Gary Walter’s column entitled “Inaugurating a New Season of Discipleship” really helped inform my thinking and give me context and categories for expressing much of what I was thinking in regards to this Sunday’s sermon. I encourage you to read Gary’s column in the Companion before this Sunday (you can access it online at the Covenant Companion website).

Finally, as we come to the end of Prayer Week 2017 here at Edgebrook Covenant, I ask that you pray for me as I prepare and when I preach this Sunday.

Prayerfully yours,

Pastor Greg


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