How to Pray for Missionaries and Their Children

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You want to pray for our missionaries, but you’re not sure where to start? Here are some tips from the Covenant Department of World Missions.

On Sunday
Pray for our missionaries’ relationship with God.
     Warm personal devotions
     Growth in spiritual life
     Discernment of God’s leading
     Awareness of God’s power
     Protection from temptation and sin
Pray for our missionaries’ children’s relationship with God.
     Acceptance of Christ as personal Savior
     Spiritual growth
     Personal devotional life
     Protection from temptation and sin
     Fellowship with other Christian kids and adults

On Monday
Pray for our missionaries’ spiritual and emotional health.
     Physical strength, good health
     Freedom from depression and loneliness
     Wise financial management
     Personal and family safety
     Time to smell the flowers
Pray for our missionaries’ children’s relationship with family.
     Acceptance of parent’s call and work
     Open communications with parents
     Love and happiness and trust in the family
     Affirmation received from parents and siblings

On Tuesday
Pray for our missionaries’ family life.
     Healthy marriages
     Parenting skills, happy children
     Open communication in the home
     Older parents at home
Pray for our missionaries’ children’s friends and school.
     Good school situation
     If boarding school, relations with dorm parents, kids
     If home schooling, able to learn and sustain interest
     Compatible friends, playmates, activities

On Wednesday
Pray for our missionaries’ communication needs.
     Fluency in the language, ability to communicate
     Cultural adaptation and understanding
     Relationship with office and home churches
Pray for our missionaries’ children’s adopted country.
     Ease in language learning
     Friendships with nationals
     Appreciation of local culture and activities
     Church participation with enjoyment

On Thursday
Pray for our missionaries’ effective ministry.
     Open doors for witness and evangelism
     Responsive hearers
     Best use of time
Pray for our missionaries’ children’s safety and health.
     Protection from accidents and diseases
     Protection for dangerous situations
     Peace, stability, and integrity of local government
     Ability to trust God when crises arise

On Friday
Pray for our missionaries’ relationships with coworkers.
     Honesty and openess
     Affirmation, appreciation of others
     Submission to one another in love
     A sense of humor
Pray for our missionaries’ children’s home assignment years.
     Dealing with changes and loss
     Fitting in to school, church
     Finding friends for one year

On Saturday
Pray for our missionaries’ adopted country.
     Political situation and economic conditions
     Issues of wealth and poverty
     Relationship with government, visas
     Spiritual battles
     Strong national church
     Need for new missionaries
Pray for our missionaries’ children’s reentry to home country.
     Supportive relationships with parents absent
     Choosing the right school, job, or profession
     Resisting temptation
     Handling finances, other matters with maturity
     Overcoming loneliness

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