Get to Know…Our Vision

Quick! What’s our church’s vision statement?! Not on the tip of your tongue or in the forefront of your mind? No worries…. You’re not alone. As pastor, I haven’t done a particularly stellar job of reminding us or unpacking for us our new vision statement.

Vision statements are a useful tool for distilling the essence, in a memorable way, the aspirational purpose of a group or organization. So here’s Edgebrook Covenant’s current vision statement. We adopted this new vision statement just over a year ago at our congregation’s Annual Business meeting in January of 2016:

Edgebrook Covenant Church’s vision is that we be a people who are…

  • Encountering a living God  (UP)
  • Creating a loving community  (AROUND)
  • Participating in a compelling mission  (OUT)

Wanting to address this deficiency in remembering and moreso, understanding and utilizing our vision statement in the unfolding life of our church, Pastor Jill and I will be preaching on our church’s vision during the Easter season. We will spend two consecutive Sundays on each of the three aspects of our vision statement. The schedule will be as follows:

Sunday, April 23:      Intro to the Vision Series – Encountering a Living God – Pastor Jill

Sunday, April 30:      Encountering a Living God, part II – Pastor Greg

Sunday, May 7:          Creating a loving community – Pastor Greg (Communion Sunday)

Sunday, May 14:        Creating a loving community, part II – Pastor Jill (Mother’s Day)

Sunday, May 21:        Participating in a compelling mission – Pastor Greg (Confirmation Sunday)

Sunday, May 28:       Participating in a compelling mission, part II – Pastor Greg

Of course, I truly hope you will go on this vision journey with us and that it will help us all not only remember what we say we are about as a church but actually help us be about these things in our life together.

Easter joy to you!  Pastor Greg


All are invited to join us for Sunday worship, either in person or online! Please note that we have suspended our COVID-19 protocols, including mask requirements, for all visitors at Sunday worship services, at other gatherings, and during our regular office hours (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 10am-3pm). Visitors can click here for more details.


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