Eight Dimensions of Our Church

The Evangelical Covenant Church believes there are eight major areas where a local Covenant church can work to fulfill Christ’s mission of bring people the word of God.  Here’s how Edgebrook Covenant Church works in those eight key areas:

Bible-Based Learning

  • Worship/preaching
  • Adult Sunday School and Inquirers’ Classes
  • Children and Youth Sunday School
  • Special emphases (weekend seminars, seasonal opportunities, etc.)
  • Small Group opportunities
  • Confirmation
  • Vacation Bible School (one week in summer)
  • Summer camping program – participating in Central Conference Camping Opportunities

Celebrative Worship

  • Sunday morning – Communion on the first Sunday of the month (usually)
  • Seasonal worship opportunities (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter)
  • Children’s Choir
  • Youth worship
  • Choir and worship ensembles

Targeted Mission and Service

  • North Park Friendship Center food pantry – donations collected the first Sunday of the month
  • Through our budget, special appeals and Deacon Board giving
  • Covenant Women emphases – Minnesota Indian Reservation and Covenant Home in Chicago
  • World Relief annual appeal
  • Cornerstone Covenant Church – our North Lake County church plant
  • Support of Edgebrook missionary families
  • Short-term missions experience
  • Support of locally impacting ministries, such as Emmaus and World Relief

Foundation of Prayer

  • In all of our public assemblies “where two or three are gathered”
  • Wednesday morning and Thursday evening Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings
  • Covenant Week of Prayer (first week of the new year) and National Day of Prayer
  • “Prayers of Edgebrook” weekly update sheets and Covenant Missionary Prayer Calendars
  • Prayer chain ministry
  • Special prayer seminars
  • Covenant Home Altar and Covenant Companion publications
  • Cornerstone Covenant Church – our North Lake County church plant

Visible Commitment to Evangelism

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Café Eutychus
  • Evangelism workshops
  • “Bringing My World to Christ” program for adults, youth, and children
  • Cornerstone Covenant Church – our North Lake County church plant
  • Our website

Visionary Leadership

  • Board retreat
  • “On the Call” training at the various levels of church involvement
  • Encouragements to serve and lead
  • Our website

Caring Fellowship

  • Connection level:  Sunday morning coffee time; all-church meals; Scrap N’ Chat’ choir and worship ensembles; Wednesday and Thursday Bible study; Men’s Fellowship; Covenant Women; Hi-League youth group; softball team
  • Commitment level:  Small Group meetings
  • Diaconate Care Group ministry
  • Our website

Whole-Life Stewardship and Discipleship

  • Ministry opportunities within the congregation
  • Financial sharing opportunities
  • Stewardship emphases throughout the year
  • Small groups for accountability

Ministry Partners