Eight Dimensions of Our Church

The Evangelical Covenant Church believes there are eight major areas where a local Covenant church can work to fulfill Christ’s mission of bring people the word of God.  Here’s how Edgebrook Covenant Church works in those eight key areas:

Bible-Based Learning

  • Worship/preaching
  • Adult Sunday School and Inquirers’ Classes
  • Children and Youth Sunday School
  • Special emphases (weekend seminars, seasonal opportunities, etc.)
  • Small Group opportunities
  • Confirmation
  • Vacation Bible School (one week in summer)
  • Summer camping program – participating in Central Conference Camping Opportunities

Celebrative Worship

  • Sunday morning – Communion on the first Sunday of the month (usually)
  • Seasonal worship opportunities (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter)
  • Children’s Choir
  • Youth worship
  • Choir and worship ensembles

Targeted Mission and Service

  • North Park Friendship Center food pantry – donations collected the first Sunday of the month
  • Through our budget, special appeals and Deacon Board giving
  • Covenant Women emphases – Minnesota Indian Reservation and Covenant Home in Chicago
  • World Relief annual appeal
  • Cornerstone Covenant Church – our North Lake County church plant
  • Support of Edgebrook missionary families
  • Short-term missions experience
  • Support of locally impacting ministries, such as Emmaus and World Relief

Foundation of Prayer

  • In all of our public assemblies “where two or three are gathered”
  • Wednesday morning and Thursday evening Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings
  • Covenant Week of Prayer (first week of the new year) and National Day of Prayer
  • “Prayers of Edgebrook” weekly update sheets and Covenant Missionary Prayer Calendars
  • Prayer chain ministry
  • Special prayer seminars
  • Covenant Home Altar and Covenant Companion publications
  • Cornerstone Covenant Church – our North Lake County church plant

Visible Commitment to Evangelism

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Café Eutychus
  • Evangelism workshops
  • “Bringing My World to Christ” program for adults, youth, and children
  • Cornerstone Covenant Church – our North Lake County church plant
  • Our website

Visionary Leadership

  • Board retreat
  • “On the Call” training at the various levels of church involvement
  • Encouragements to serve and lead
  • Our website

Caring Fellowship

  • Connection level:  Sunday morning coffee time; all-church meals; Scrap N’ Chat’ choir and worship ensembles; Wednesday and Thursday Bible study; Men’s Fellowship; Covenant Women; Hi-League youth group; softball team
  • Commitment level:  Small Group meetings
  • Diaconate Care Group ministry
  • Our website

Whole-Life Stewardship and Discipleship

  • Ministry opportunities within the congregation
  • Financial sharing opportunities
  • Stewardship emphases throughout the year
  • Small groups for accountability


All are invited to join us for Sunday worship, either in person or online! Please note that we have suspended our COVID-19 protocols, including mask requirements, for all visitors at Sunday worship services, at other gatherings, and during our regular office hours (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 10am-3pm). Visitors can click here for more details.


Are you looking to get involved at Edgebrook? Use this form to let us know your ministry interests. You can also click here to read more about service opportunities in our church community.

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