Dive into God’s Word this Fall….Join the Community Bible Experience, part 2!

Last spring, we took part in the Community Bible Experience, reading through the entire New Testament, individually and as a congregation, in 40 days.  This fall, we will take part in a new Community Bible Experience, this time reading together the Old Testament books of Covenant History (that’s Genesis through the books of Kings).

Some things will have a familiar feel for us, like:

  • The Bibles we use will be formatted the same way: No chapters or verses, encouraging us to READ BIG!
  • The same reliable Bible translation: The New International Version
  • A daily reading rhythm – five days a week, for approximately 20 minutes a day (a schedule is provided with each Bible)
  • Small group options to meet and discuss what you are discovering, encouraging us to READ TOGETHER!

A few things will be different.  Unfortunately, there are no supplemental electronic resources available for this version of the Community Bible Experience.  Also, you will read a little less each day than before.  The Old Testament text we will use is set up to be completed in two forty day segments, not one.  Our plan currently is to pick up the second half of our reading during the season of Lent 2017.

The Bibles cost only $5.  each, and our deacons are making available free copies of this Bible if you want to give one away to a friend, neighbor, coworker, etc.

Bibles will be made available starting Sunday, September 25 and we begin our reading on Monday, October 3.  Small groups will begin meeting the week of Sunday, October 9. 

So, get in on the ground floor, the very beginning, literally, of God’s great story of love.  Join the Community Bible Experience at our church this fall!


Pastor Greg

Ministry Partners