Pastor’s Column

Statement on Truth, Violence, and Healing

by Pastor Greg Mesimore Note: This statement was originally read during the Sunday, January 17 worship service at Edgebrook Covenant Church. Today, across our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, it is Love Mercy, Do Justice Sunday. Tomorrow is the day…

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Advent in the Time of Corona

by Pastor Megan Herrold Sinchi It’s almost Advent! I imagine that many of you, especially if there are children in your household, are more likely to find yourself saying, “It’s almost Christmas!” But for many years now, Advent, not Christmas,…

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Pastoral Reflections on the Upcoming Election

We (Pastor Greg and Pastor Megan) have been listening to the concerns of many regarding this week’s election, particularly for the office of President of the United States.  People supporting either candidate have expressed fear if the candidate they don’t…

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Not (Technically) an Anti-Racism Book List

by Pastor Megan Herrold Sinchi Throughout the summer, every now and then I’ve come across a new anti-racism reading list as people (especially white Americans) are looking to learn and understand more about racism in our country. I’ve actually read…

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Exposed by the Corona Virus?

In many ways, this pandemic has brought out the best in us.  These include our everyday heroes, daily risking their own safety and health to care for those infected by COVID-19.  Some of these have made the ultimate sacrifice, dying…

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The Tenacity of the… Magnolia Tree?

One of the sure signs of spring (and one of my favorite sights) is the blossoming of magnolia trees.   There are some stunningly beautiful examples of pink flowering magnolia trees near the parsonage where I live.  Our immediate neighbors to…

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The COVID-19 Pandemic:  A Call to “Mindful Godliness

A couple of times while I was on my medical leave I shared some thoughts via our all-church email blasts related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This week, as I have been undergoing cyber-knife radiation treatments (5 daily 1 hr treatments,…

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Prayers of Intercession while we Shelter at Home

One “silver lining” of sheltering at home is that it affords us more opportunities to pray.  It’s important that we pray for all those on the front lines of care as our world battles this pandemic.  Specifically, I want to…

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The Place to Begin – At the End

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent. Lent is that season in the church year that emphasizes repentance and contrition for our sins. It is also a season of self denial, fasting or taking on a…

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