Be a Prayer Warrior!

Edgebrook Covenant’s Diaconate especially welcomes your prayers for our many ministries. Here are some suggestions for prayer.

  • Pray alone in personal devotions. Pray when you’re waiting at a stoplight… or in the grocery store line… while you are commuting to or from work… or when the kids are sleeping… or you are working out. Use the centering prayer we learned in our Lenten services… or shoot “arrow” prayers heavenward whenever and wherever God reminds you.
  • Pray with others. Ask a friend(s) to covenant with you to pray at a certain time each week. It might be in person… or on the phone… or in spirit. Check in with each other(s) to hold ourselves accountable.
  • Pray with those in your household. Roommates and children are great pray-ers. Talk about the ministries noted above and what you want God to do about them. Remember: you don’t need to close your eyes to pray! Conversation can be come prayer!
  • Alone, or with others, take a prayer walk around the neighborhood. Pray for the children, teens, and adults who live in each home. Pray that those persons will come to know Christ, if they do not yet know him.

Resources for prayer

Take a look in your Bible… use a concordance for words prayer and asking. Check the hymnal, using hymns in the section on Prayer (see the index at the back of the hymnal) or read prayers in the back section. Our library has devotional books on prayer. Pray the prayer of Jabez for yourself and others (1 Chronicles 4:10). Why not write your own prayer? Will you dare share it with a friend or your family?

Thanks for praying for our ministries this year!

Ministry Partners