A Great Sunday Awaits!

I think for many of us, it’s one of our favorite Sundays of the year: Giving Thanks Sunday. It’s a Sunday that roots us deeper in Christ and to one another in special ways.

We worship together and during that time, so many of us share a word of testimony. We speak of those blessings for which we are grateful to God; we share about the difficult times of the past year where God has sustained us. Everyone joins in – young, old and in between. We sing, we pray, we hear God’s Word, we testify, we weep and we rejoice. There’s just something uniquely authentic about our Giving Thanks worship.

Then we go downstairs and feast together on food we’ve all brought. Our Giving Thanks potluck continues our worship as we eat and laugh and visit and share. Gathered ‘round these tables, we strengthen bonds of community and commitment to one another.

Finally, we worship as we bring our Giving Thanks offerings, money sacrificially and joyously given to help meet the financial needs of our church and this year, two dear couples who must raise additional funds to support their ministries in Alaska and Sweden, respectively.

So come ready this Sunday! Ready with a word of testimony! Ready with a dish to share at our potluck! And ready with a generous financial contribution to our Giving Thanks Offering!

And come expectantly…. to one of the best Sundays of the entire year!

Anxiously awaiting this Sunday and looking forward to being with you, Pastor Greg


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