Small Groups & Bible Studies

Winter/Spring 2018


Women’s Bible Study Class
9:45 am  – noon

This is an active inter-generational women’s Bible study class, which meets every Wednesday morning at 9:45 am at the church (September – May). All women who are interested in studying the Bible as part of a group are invited to attend. The Bible study includes the following:

  • 9:45 am    Refreshments, fellowship and conversation
  • 10:30 am  Sharing of prayer requests and concerns
  • 10:45 am  Time spent in prayer
  • 11:00 am   Bible study

Join us for outstanding community, conversations, teaching, and prayer.

Small Groups


Revelation Study Group
7:15 pm

To get the most from the current Revelation sermon series, you are encouraged to take part in our book of Revelation study group. The group meets on Thursday at 7:15 pm in the Anderson Room, through March 22. Pastor Greg Mesimore facilitates the group. In addition to the biblical text, we will use N.T. Wright’s Revelation for Everyone study guide.


Questions? Contact the Edgebrook Covenant Church office at 773/763-4230 or