Flag of Thailand… from January 2012

Thank you for your many prayers during the time of the flood crisis in Thailand.  We know many people who are picking up their lives once again.  For us, it felt like life had been on hold for nearly two months followed by an intense time of “catch up” at school and at ALC.  Pressure often draws out those core areas of need within us and we thank God for inviting us to draw close and learn from Him during this season.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

The children we have been reaching out to in our neighborhood performed the Christmas play this year.  They took their roles very seriously and the ageless story of Jesus’ birth was told, yet again.  Prit and two youth had questions and dialogue going on as they shared about our King’s humble entrance into the world  and those who came to worship Him.  Our neighborhood gathered in the street joined in our celebration. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays!

Having the kids and Carl’s dad come home was a gift from God and we are thankful for many new memories made this Christmas and New Years.  We introduced Sarah to our favorite beach and enjoyed our annual gathering there with Ryan’s family.  We studied God’s Word together, ate lots of good food, made a booklet out of playing cards recording God’s faithfulness and our hopes for 2012,  and shared many stories.  Bethany was so thankful to relinquish her role as “only child” to have her 4 siblings back home with her!

Children’s Day

January 14th is “Children’s Day” in Thailand and there are many venues for the kids to go and play and have fun.  ALC had a carnival which attracted many kids and their parents to come to our center.  We have heard a neighbor say that the ALC has brought “life” to our neighborhood because we care about people.  May all we do reflect God’s love for others.

ALC Crafts

We are so very thankful for the many churches and friends who support the Abundant Life Center ministry by having purse sales at your church.  You are truly co-laborers in this ministry and we count it our privilege to be linked with you in serving our Lord here in Bangkok, Thailand.


Our word for the month as we seek Him and allow His Spirit to do His purifying, cleansing and healing work in our hearts.      We are very grateful for each of you who continue to stand with us and pray along side us.

Carl, Karen & Bethany Groot

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Photo of the Groots