Flag of Thailand… from October 2011

This is a trying time in Thailand as people scurry to protect their belongings, see their livelhoods floating away with the flood waters and try to decide who to place the blame on.

God, you are high above the heavens and you are here with us. We pray during this time of trouble that your people will rise up and shine. We pray that we would be united in pouring forth your love and blessing wherever you put us and that we would not yield to the temptation to worry, to lash out in frustation or to look inward to our own needs and lose sight of the harvest before us.

May we be people of deep faith, may we be people of wide vision and may we be ready to pour out your love to whomever needs it.

  • Pray for the ALC team going to Buriram and Surin Oct 22-25, 2011 to minister to family members there. (a safe travel path has been found to get to the northeast)
  • Pray for God’s hand upon us Groots as we watch the news, follow the flood water path and make decisions for what we do…

God’s peace,
Carl, Karen and Bethany Groot

Photo of flooding in Bangkok

After 1/2 hour of heavy rain, this nearby street floods immediately due to the high water levels in Bangkok. Right now, water that has been backed up from the flooding in the north has been released to relieve pressure on the dikes protecting the capital and the water is being diverted to flow on both sides of the city down into the sea ....