Flag of Thailand… from September 2011

Light light light up the sky
Light up the sky, to show me you are with me.
I, I, I can’t deny
No, I can’t deny that you are right here with me.
You’ve opened my eyes
So I can see you all around me

Her dad came down to Bangkok to find work and found another wife to live with.  Her weak and sick mother came down in search of her husband,  and  in learning about the situation, came to her sister distraught at what she found out.  This was the entry point that God used to bring Faa’s mom to Christ at ALC.  A couple of years ago she passed away, still unwavering in her faith in the God who loved her.  Before she died she saw Jesus calling to take her home.  Her family thought she had gone mad, but we know differently.

Photo of Kul and FaaNow, Faa is here with us at ALC living with her aunt.  As a young teenager in Bangkok she is drawn to being part of a band and has spent many hours practicing with her group after school.  God has brought this young woman to us, but the adjustments are many and they have come quickly.  Pray with us that God’s love would explode in her life and that she would know how deeply our Father loves her.

Carl had his hernia surgery last month and is now recuperating from his knee ligament reconstruction surgery.  We are thankful for the good medical care here, and for the prayers of God’s people.  At our age, we realize the brokeness of our lives, more than ever.  Our bodies are decaying faster every day and verses pertaining to the frailty of life, of being dust, & of being a mere breath seem to jump out as we read God’s Word.  Praise be to God that the truth of our salvation in Jesus Christ become all the more precious as we look at our mortality.  We praise God for Carl’s good humor and his discipline to stick with the physical therapy regiman.  We thank God for this relative down time in his work schedule to afford time for recovery.  We appreciate this time to take a breath, reflect on our priorities and again relook at how we do life her in Bangkok.

Asia Consultation VII – October 4-6, 2011
In a few days, Covenant people from all over Thailand, Japan, India, Taiwan, China, Laos, the Philippines and the United States will come together to share and learn about planting God’s church in our unique situations and cultures.  We will hear about the persecution and challenges  our brothers and sisters face in their countries and also see how God reveals Himself within those situations to birth his church.  Please pray for all those traveling to Thailand this coming week and for God’s Spirit to cover the meetings and encourage His people  to continue to be faithful in bringing the gospel to their nations.

God’s Peace,
Carl, Karen and Bethany Groot

PS… Karen managed to fall into a drainage hole in our neighborhood one night (they were cleaning and some of the covers were not replaced) and now sympathetically hobbles along with Carl.  We are quite the pair and most of our friends are trying hard not to laugh when they see us.  Thankfully, the medial tendon is self-healing, but it will take some time for the pain to go and flexibility to return.  We take heart, because God is with us!